What is the GWA?

This is the governing body of Weightlifting in the Gauteng Province Gauteng Weightlifting Association (GWA)

Who Must Register with GWA

All lifters Living in the Gauteng Province who lifts must Register, those who are competing in Youth, Junior and Senior categories will pay a Membership Fee with Gauteng Weightlifting Association.

(if you are a Master Lifter and you want to Compete the Gauteng Championships, you will be required to pay a Gauteng Membership Fee)

How do I become a registered member of the GWA?

We have set-up an easy-to-follow Registration Portal,

Fill-in the online form

Attach a Copy of your ID (Master and Senior Lifters)

Attach the Completed South African Weightlifting Federation Membership Form

Attach a Copy of the Proof of Payment

Then Submit

Once submitted Gauteng Weightlifting will do the rest.

Click the Registration Button Below to be re-directed

What is the SAWF?

This is the governing body of Weightlifting in South Africa South African Weightlifting Federation (SAWF)

Who must register with SAWF?

All lifters who register with Gauteng Weightlifting will be registered with the South African Weightlifting Federation (SAWF)!

This means you must complete the South African Weightlifting Federation Application Form

If you are a Master Lifter you must register with South African Weightlifting Federation (SAWF), just select Master in this registration form.

Contact the South African Masters Weightlifting Federation (SAMWF) for details on Masters Registrations.

How much must I Pay?

Youth U14 = R15

Youth U17 and Junior = R30

Senior = R300 (R100 for GWA and R200 for SAWF)

Master = R200 (R200 for SAWF), if you are not competing as a Senior

Official = R200 (R200 for SAWF)

Coach = R100 (R100 for GWA)

What benefits do I get from being a registered GWA member?

You may only Compete in Club competition stipulated on our Weightlifting Calendar if you are resisted.

Note: if a Competition is not on the Calendar its not a Sanctioned Gauteng Weightlifting Competition.

As a registered member, you will be eligible for selection where applicable, your results will all be recognized and legitimate in the eyes of the Province Representative body and the South African Weightlifting Federation.

You would gain access to certain events where applicable, etc.

I am a member of the GWA. Does this mean I am a member of the SAWF too?

Yes, your Gauteng Weightlifting Membership Fee Covers both Memberships

Who can become a member of the GWA? What experience is needed?

If you are a current weightlifter or even if you are entirely new to the community but have the intention of competing, you must become a member. We accept members of any age.

Is there a cut-off date for registration?

Membership Renewals are due by the 31st January of each year.

If you are new to weightlifting but have the intention of competing later in the year/at an upcoming competition, then you can register at any time during the course of the year.

I have been previously registered with the GWA. Does this mean I am still a member in subsequent years?

It is a requirement of all weightlifters/coaches/clubs to renew there Membership each year,

i.e. if you were registered in 2018, you will need to re-register in 2019 to update your membership and become current again.

How do I get selected for International Competitions?

Local club competitions are held throughout the year which allow you to qualify for the yearly Provincial competition.

Athletes can only be selected based on Provincial, National and International competition results.

Once they have lifted at the correct level & lifted the correct total to qualify, you will be registered on the ADAMS system & your whereabouts filed.

An athlete must be on ADAMS for 3 months after which they are eligible for international selection should they meet selection criteria

Note: Athletes wishing to submit results for team selection should make sure the competition is registered with SAIDS (South African Anti Doping)

All of the above is a requirement by SASCOC (South African Olympic Sport Committee)

How do I know my results at main competitions are legitimate?

Your lifting results are legitimate if you have the following criteria in check:

  • You must be registered with the GWA and SAWF
  • You must be affiliated to a GWA registered weightlifting club
  • Your lifts must be judged by 3 registered referees (1 regional and 2 international)