How do I know my results at main competitions are legitimate?

Your lifting results are legitimate if you have the following criteria in check:

  • You must be registered with the GWA and SAWF
  • You must be affiliated to a GWA registered weightlifting club
  • Your lifts must be judged by 3 registered referees (1 regional and 2 international)

How do I become a registered member of the GWA?

Find the registration form download on our homepage and submit it to us along with the proof of payment through our email address.

What does it cost to become registered?

R200.00 per athlete/coach, R400.00 per club.

What benefits do I get from being a registered GWA member?

As a registered member, you will be eligible for selection where applicable, your results will all be recognised and legitimate in the eyes of the Province Representative body and the South African Weightlifting Federation.

You would gain access to certain events where applicable, etc.

I am a member of the GWA. Does this mean I am a member of the SAWF too?

You will have to register separately with the SAWF (Usually by the end of February of every year), but we do assist you with getting this done.

Who can become a member of the GWA? What experience is needed?

If you are a current weightlifter or even if you are entirely new to the community but have the intention of competing, you must become a member. We accept members of any age.

Is there a cut-off date for registration?

At the beginning of every year, we request of the weightlifting community to register with us. We typically do have a cut-off date that coincides with the SAWF cut-off which is the end of February of every year. However, if you are new to weightlifting but have the intention of competing later in the year/at an upcoming competition, you will need to register yourself as soon as possible.

I have been previously registered with the GWA. Does this mean I am still a member in subsequent years?

It is a requirement of all weightlifters/coaches/clubs to register every year to stay current, i.e. if you were registered in 2018, you will need to re-register in 2019 to update your membership and become current again.