ADEL: Anti-Doping Education and Learning Platform

ADEL is an initiative by WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) to provide a platform where athletes, coaches, parents of athletes and anyone involved with drug-tested athletes, can learn about clean sport and anti-doping.

ALL international level athletes, coaches and support personnel have to complete the courses applicable to them.

Gauteng Weightlifting Association is responsible to make sure all our athletes, coaches and anyone involved in the sport of weightlifting are informed about their rights and responsibilities with regards to performance enhancing drugs and the testing thereof. With this in mind, we are making it a requirement for all athletes wishing to compete at Gauteng Championships to complete the ADEL course.

However, here are other very good reasons for you to WANT to complete an ADEL course:

a) Athletes are solely responsible for any illegal substances found in their bodies. Wouldn’t you WANT to learn more to make sure you know what goes into your body?

b) Ignorance of the rules is not a valid defense if you fail a drug test. Wouldn’t you therefore WANT to learn about what you can or can’t ingest?

c) If you have ever or are considering using illegal performance enhancing substances, you should WANT to learn about the health consequences and also the consequences of getting caught, and think twice about whether or not it is worth the risks.

d) Coaches/parents: You are responsible for the wellbeing of your athletes/children. Wouldn’t you WANT to learn more about the rules and possible stumbling blocks you might face with your athletes/children so that you can guide them appropriately?

To complete the ADEL course, you will need a couple of hours spare but it can take up to five hours to complete (you can save and come back to where you left off), so don’t leave it to the last minute. Here is the link to the platform as well as a short video to guide you through the sign up process:

Once you have completed your course, and received your certificate, please upload it here: